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The Next Gen EduTech Management Eco System

Key Features

Academic Dashboard
Website (Phase II)
Memos, Circulars and Notices
Fee payment services (Direct Payment & Credit Financing٭)
Payroll and Attendance
Data Vault
Integrated Communication Platform
Complete digitization of school administration & school database

Whats Make us Unique?

Moderated and traceable communication platform
Complete Automated & Digitized system enables DATA at fingertips
A Comprehensive and Flexible solution that matters
Easy and Self adoption
Rich and relevant content
Ton of Industry first features
Build Long term cost savings and efficiencies
Uniform Eco System with FREE Lifetime Updates
Open Eco system for different integrations

Success stories

“Great product” or “love it” doesn’t cut it in testimonials. Describe what’s great or its benefits.

Khairatabad, Hyderabad

Nice Product to use and maintain all tracks in single systems

Amberpet, Hyderabad

Good Product.

Secunderabad, Hyderabad